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provide quality on time projects.

We are fundamentally a Bangalore based waterproofing arrangements giving organization works all through Karnataka and south India.

From that point forward it has been serving the development business for the different waterproofing prerequisites in and around Karnataka.

we have effectively executed and settled significant issues identified with spillage before and after the development.

Our Services

Total-building waterproofing

Impervious Waterproofing has extensive experience in waterproofing buildings. Waterproofing reduces internal humidity, making the building more comfortable.

Integral waterproofing

Integral waterproofing solutions all work by blocking water from being able to get into concrete,which is usually a water-loving material that sucks up moisture.


We has performed roofing and waterproofing work on many of the Banglore hotels. The success of these jobs are critical to the success of the guests' experience.

Industrial & Institutional

We have specialises in offering waterproofing solutions for clients in Bangalore. We provide Waterproofing services for all residential and Institutional buildings.


We are successful completed more than a thousand of satisfied customer for Commercial and Residential Building as analysing problems and providing waterproofing services.


Impervious Waterproofing have an expert commercial waterproofing contractor company, we can properly advise you for a custom consultation at your project site.


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How We Work

Our Process

First we create idea

We give our 100% for the job assigned and do not hesitate even if we have to go steps ahead to complete.

Space Planning

We are very enthusiastic and can go up to the extreme to prove our mettle in what ever job we take.

Project Excution

Devotion by us and satisfaction by the clients could best stand as our synonym's at work.

Maintenance & Services

Waterproofing systems provide important protection against water intrusion. Since we know the value of time we take deadlines.

Our Happy Customers

Putting grout between wall tiles fills

in any gaps and keeps them clean.

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